About Christina



Combining a passion for photography, the love of children and unique faces, Christina's images capture those special moments when light, form and inspiration come together.  

Christina began creating at a young age.  Growing up in San Francisco, she found inspiration around ever corner. Whether it was drawing, writing or dressing up in her mother's clothes, Christina was enthusiastic for all things creative. Her mother, an artist, was a terrific influence when it came to exploring many different mediums for personal expression.  

Christina's love of photography began in her early teens and really took shape while studying abroad in college.  Her casual, personal style is reflected in the smiling faces in front of the camera.  

Christina was a frequent writer and photographer for the Danville Weekly as well as the InDanville retail catalog. After working in corporate communications for ten years, she studied photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the Speos Institute (Paris, France) and started her photography business in 2006. She is a frequent freelance writer for C&T Publishing and her first book, "Pillow Pop," can be found on Amazon.com.

She lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband Matt, "the P Man," "Birdie" and continues to be inspired by the beauty and people around every corner.